Let's get that song in your head to unfold in reality!

I would love to help your songs become reality and sound as best as it can!  
I'm a guitarist with a long time production experience. Although, beginning my musical journey with classical piano, I am well versed and can speak in a lot of different genres of music as I see beauties in both complexity and simplicity.  
I offer following services for your music. 

1. Remote / Attending Guitar Recording Sessions    

I offer professional studio-quality electric & acoustic guitar tracks for your songs. 
I serve the song with whatever is necessary- multiple layers of auxiliary guitar tracks are no problem.  
Whether what you are looking for is replacing already programmed or demo'd tracks to add a human element and professional performance or getting a fresh & insightful interpretation of your song by my own sound designs and counterpoints on the guitar, I can confidently deliver to your satisfaction. 

The rates vary depending on various factors of the project such as: # of tracks/layers needed, if it is an attending session, etc. 
Feel free to send me a message for a quote!

Sending me a message/email absolutely does not mean you have to hire me, in any way. It just means we can chat further to solidify your vision as well as make sure we're on board with what you will be getting. I want you to be 100% happy with the value you're getting. 


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2. Full Music Production  

I can help you create music from start to finish!  

The scope of this session includes, but not limited to:  tracking necessary instruments (I record guitars, bass, and keys), programing necessary instruments (drums, percussion, strings, horns, synth, and etc),  sound designing, special effects to create movements, and arranging dynamic flow of the song.   
I have access to exceptional drummers with a recording facility with a wide range of budget accommodation if you'd like real drums on your songs as well.   

Price will vary depending on the tasks needed.  
Feel free to send me a message with your vision for your song.