[...] brings positivity, joy, exquisite musicianship, and energy in one four-minute-forty-six-second whirlwind.”

— Progressive Rock Fanatics


Victor Lee is a Korean American guitarist / composer / producer based in West Lafayette, Indiana. 

His unique upbringing, which has allowed him to take in different musical perspectives drawn from multiple cultural backgrounds, contributes to his original composition as well as his vision to serve other people’s music during session work.

Having been classically trained on piano since a young age, Victor presents a multi-instrumentalist’s viewpoint brining a synergetic flow and arrangement on his songwriting in guitar-centric progressive/fusion rock. 

Victor wrote his first ever original song ”Absence" back in 2013, with an intention to comfort a friend who had lost her dog at the time. Despite the quality of the original recording being ‘passable’, he quickly fell in love with the process and the purpose that musical composition had brought as it allowed him to express things beyond what he could with words.

He released his first official single "Second Chance" in December of 2016 with talented Norwegian drummer, Andreas Sjøen who went on to play on several more tracks on Victor’s debut album "Strangely Familiar”, released in November 2018.

Quickly after, he was given an opportunity to perform a few of those songs at NAMM 2019, in Anaheim CA representing Tom Anderson Guitarworks, and has continued to be involved with the annual convention ever since. 

In 2019, he played several shows, including supporting Tony MacAlpine and Arch Echo's tour in Indianapolis and at a few local music festivals.

On Sep 17, 2019, Victor released a single "Letter" which was a partnership with a renowned Instagram music community called "Pickup Music" as a part of their educational program Songsquad.

On January 10, 2020, Victor released a single "Harbor City" (to be a part of his sophomore album) with Henrik Linder (of Dirty Loops) on bass and Andreas Sjøen returning on drums. On the song, Victor singlehandedly carried out performance duties on electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, as well as all production and mixing of the song.

In the midst of releasing his original music, he made contributions to the following list as a session musician: 

Shamah - Forever Kinda Love (Guitars)
Shamah - Queen (Guitars, Bass)
Shamah - Love Is The Way (Guitars)
Rabbit Of Sham - Milk & Honey (Producer)
Evil On Erie Haunted House (Sound Designer) 

Victor is currently in production for his sophomore studio album!

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For five minutes you can forget real life and all its trials and tribulations and just immerse yourself in this inspiring musical concoction.”

— ProgRadar