Meet my Suhr Mahogany Deluxe!

My favorite guitar I own. I named it "Maya" lol.
Suhr made 50 of these back in 2013 I think. Mine is #40. 

It's aesthetically classy and sounds very special too, possibly due to the chambering of the body. It's got that hollow (no pun intended... well maybe a little) character when played with distortion that is extremely pleasing to my ears. 
The neck pickup (SSV) is awesome. It snaps like a single coil yet it's got the fullness of the humbucker. Of course in the position 2, I can actually split that humbucker as well. I can pull the tone knob to run the bridge humbucker (SSH+) in parallel as well. Much fun! 

This one is basically Les Paul wood combination (Mahogany body and neck) but with the 25.5" scale and the downsized strat body (their Standard). I love the red back too. Although I've made some belt buckle rashes on the backplate... 

I bought this when I was in college. I was doing homework with a buddy (who also plays guitar) and I brought up that the UPS guy attempted a delivery but I wasn't home. He suggested that we go get the guitar at the shipping center so we drove out there, arrived 4 minutes prior to closing, and got the guitar ha! 

I used it on a bunch of places. Too many and segmented to list all but most part of Harbor City and all leads on Double Agent are this guitar, except for the very last iteration of the main theme which was my Anderson Angel. 

In Action