Meet my Tom Anderson Angel!

My buddy Sean Ashe turned me onto one of these. Tom builds such incredible guitars! Every time I go to NAMM and play his guitars at the booth, I am impressed with all of them. 

I bought this 2nd hand on Reverb a couple years ago. Spec-wise this one is decked out. Check out that quilt top!! Tremendous figure. Apparently it was personally chosen by the original buyer. 

This guitar is particularly punchy and solid sounding and for that I know exactly where to use this and it is the only tool for the job. Playing lead lines in the high register with distortion never gets harsh and the clean voice is super cool as well. I, to my surprise, use this a lot for clean fingerstyle arrangements. I feel like I get a very wide dynamic range with this doing that style which makes the playing a little bit more expressive. 

Overall very versatile thanks to the numerous of pickup configurations made possible by the humbucker split toggle as well as the push-pull on the tone which allows me to add the bridge pickup on whatever combination I'm in. 

These guitars use a unique tuning offset system called Buzz Feiten Tuning System for more accurate intonation. Chords ring out wonderfully as a result. I use a sonic research strobe tuner to program a preset with the necessary offsets and tune. 

I changed pickups on this one from the ceramic H1 and H3 to HF1 and HF2. I was not a fan of the H pickups at least on this guitar. 

In Action