Other pedals I have and use!

Ok, so these are extra pedals that aren't on a pedalboard. It does not mean I like them less than the ones that are on the board.
The Bondi Sick As, for example, is my favorite overdrive currently! These days, I'm using pedals only when I'm recording and I'm often too lazy to even hook up a pedalboard ha!

In my rack drawer (the best $50 I've ever spent...), I have a 1-spot power supply with a current divider cable and I run cables in and out into the patch bay right above it. So I can select a pedal I want to use in line, connect the power cable, patch in the cables and now that's in one of the channels on the patch bay, which I can now run that into wherever I want- amps, AX8, direct box, etc. 

For overdubs, I generally only need one or two pedals at a time and this way has been pretty convenient for me.  

The one on the left end is Wampler Paragon. And no, that wasn't a typo. Before Wampler decided to name Pantheon overdrive Pantheon, they were planning on going with Paragon but apparently it changed. It's got a different graphic and a little bit different taper on some of the controls. 
My buddy Jake Steffes (engineer at Wampler) brought it to me one day and he modded it to match the current production of Pantheon. But the presence is still a little different, supposedly. I like it a lot, though. Also super cool to have something that literally doesn't exist ha!! 

To the right of Paragon is an overdrive Jake and I designed a few years ago. I just got it housed in November, 2019. It's based on Hermida Zendrive but we changed a couple of parts for my taste. 

The one in the middle is Wampler Terraform. Jake was heavily involved in the whole design and development of this and I got to help out while I was working as an engineer during the summer of 2019 as well. All of the modulation effects sound great! It's very handy that everything is laid out right there and it's quick to dial in good sounds. 

The ones on the right are Bondi Sick As and Rockett GTO, Love them for different flavors on top of amp tones!  



You can see the drawer at the bottom of the rack shelf!

You can see the drawer at the bottom of the rack shelf!